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Intelligent Energy – ZERE

Hydrogen police bikes

The collaboration with Suzuki, through this project, has been instrumental in successfully securing an 18-month real-world trial of the technology with the Metropolitan Police – one of the first trials of its kind for hydrogen technology in the UK, that has the potential for significant future contributions to the clean air strategy for London.

Bringing Suzuki into the UK

Project Highlights 

  • Development and real-world trials of a 4 kW fuel cell
  • Enabled the development of a next-generation fuel cell engine
  • Technology applied and tested in Suzuki’s Burgman two-wheel scooter
  • Introduced Suzuki to the support available for R&D in the UK for the first time
  • £7.7 million total project value, receiving £3.8 million funding through the APC

Project Constorium 

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