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Ford Motor Company – ViVID

New digital approach for next-generation EV technologies

At the core of ViVID is the development of a digital toolchain, with reduced reliance on serial engineering and physical prototypes to advance electric vehicle technology, for the next generation Transit van platform. Just as importantly, it reduces engineering costs and the time to bring new and improved products to market.

New approach to digital engineering

Project Highlights

  • ViVID (Virtual Vehicle Integration and Development) is a collaborative research project to develop digital engineering tools
  • Builds Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) for a real time multi-faceted digital simulation environment
  • Advances a digital engineering toolchain deployed to the next generation Transit van
  • Promotes model-based systems for the design and verification of the virtual product development process
  • Demonstrates a new analytical approach to the engineering process to enable the next generation of electric vehicle technology to be developed
  • Reduces reliance on serial engineering and physical prototypes
  • Lowers overall carbon emissions by accelerating time to market of the product
  • Total project value £39 million, with £16.9 million funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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