Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)


Multi-voltage electric drive modules

Highly parametrised scalable product family of multi-voltage electric drive modules with a novel configuration that can offer very high performance, unparalleled integration, flexibility but with a major advancement in product value.

Electric machines

Scalable multi-voltage electric module product family

Project highlights

  • EMPEL Systems was formed in 2019 with the mission to deliver advanced electric propulsion systems to the market.
  • Designing and developing a scalable product family of multi-voltage electric drive modules that offer high performance, unparalleled integration and flexibility.
  • Inverter is integrated into the motor reducing components, connections, cables, and sharing cooling etc. 
  • Initially the eModules will be used in hybrid and BEV passenger cars. Other potential markets include commercial, off-highway, aerospace, motorsport and industrial. 
  • Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) project will support and enable EMPEL to develop the high voltage eModule.

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