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BMW – @FutureBEV

Building on ESCAPE

@FutureBEV will build on the APC12 project ESCAPE and on the skills and supply chain already being established to bring the results to real business. Revolution to 800V will significantly reduce charge times enabling HPC, accelerating end-user acceptance, and optimising the powertrain by efficiency improvements. Faster switching capability of technologies will be further developed to doubling up power density, reducing volume, cost and optimising overall vehicle powertrain integration.

Electric machines

Accelerated Powertrain Technology for Future BEVs

Project Highlights 

  • Premium global automotive company BMW will deliver two strongly interlinked workstreams addressing both volume and performance.
  • Together the team will develop a new UK supply chain for subcomponents and system capability for future electromobility, addressing the UK Government targets for industrial growth, generation and safeguarding of jobs and the transformation to zero emission mobility. This technology drives BEV from niche to mainstream.
  • Delivering real world benefits in improved efficiency, lower vehicle level CO₂, reduced weight and better use of storage providing value add and competitive customer value to the end user.
  • UK engineering talents and skills will be developed in harmony with the BMW Munich based background knowledge within the project to open development and manufacture opportunities for vehicle electrification within the UK.
  • Total project value £26 million, with £13 million funded through the APC.

Project Consortium 

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