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Ariel Motor Company Limited – HIPERCAR 2

New technologies create ultimate hipercar

HIPERCAR 2 combined some the UK’s most innovative automotive technology, including energy storage and management, a lightweight powertrain, an electric motor with class redefining power-to-weight ratio and low manufacturing cost, plus lightweight vehicle structures. A true demonstration of the capability of British innovators, development and manufacturing specialists

HIPERCAR 2 lives up to the hype

Project Highlights

  • Brought together a range of cutting-edge low carbon technologies on an ultra-high performance Ariel vehicle platform
  • Accelerated the wider UK supply chain capability to meeting growing global demand for low carbon market ready technologies
  • Provided a launchpad for now fully automotive qualified UK developed technologies to enter other niche and medium volume production
  • Anchoring IP and manufacturing in the UK
  • Total project value of £12.3 million, receiving £6.1million funding through the APC

Project Consortium

Road to Net Zero Podcast

Our Road to Net Zero podcast is all about how the UK automotive industry is transitioning to net zero. In a series of interviews, we highlight key issues and developments, interesting projects and technologies emerging from one of the UK’s most innovative sectors on the road to net zero.

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