Tackling range anxiety in commercial delivery vehicles

Project Highlights 

  • Development of an electric transaxle and vehicle control system with optional smart range extender.
  • 90% reduction in CO2 with a lower total cost of ownership than existing diesel vehicles.
  • Patented time triggered vehicle-control strategy with on board telematics optimise the use of the range extender to eliminate range anxiety. 
  • Utilising AEM’s rare earth free electric motors.
  • Total project value £11.46 million, with £5.7 million funded through the APC.

Project Consortium 

  • TEVVA Motors 
  • Advanced Electric Machines Ltd (AEM) 

UK SMEs cleaning up commercial vehicle deliveries

This project will design and bench-test an innovative transaxle and vehicle control system for 7.5-14t commercial vehicles. Further developing and commercialising Tevva’s existing battery module and pack design to a ‘between the rails’ solution will improve safety and impact robustness with active thermal management. A substantial part of the investment will develop an advanced vehicle control system and cloud-based telematic, ensuring safe and reliable performance for both on and off-road applications. This enables predictive and preventative servicing that intelligently controls the range extender so that its use is minimised overall and avoided entirely in urban environments

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