McLaren – SpeedV

High power advanced engines

Project Highlights

  • Development of high-power, modular combustion engine
  • Technology will be implemented in a new generation of advanced engines for high-performance vehicles
  • Results in significant CO2 reduction in high-performance cars
  • £23.4 million total project value, receiving £14 million funding through the APC

Project Consortium 

  • McLaren Automotive Ltd
  • BMW Motorsport Ltd
  • Grainger & Worrall Ltd
  • Ricardo UK Ltd
  • Lentus Composites Ltd
  • University of Bath

Bringing the German giants’ engineering to the UK

Through this project, BMW will transfer skills and development experience of engine systems to McLaren Automotive. It will establish the engineering function of BMW in the UK. Since receiving funding, BMW and McLaren have come together again to collaborate in another APC funded project to develop high-power lithium storage devices.

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