McLaren – ESCAPE

End to end Supply Chain Development for Automotive Power Electronics

Project Highlights

  • Building a secure UK end-to-end supply chain capable of competing globally
  • ESCAPE will produce game changing technology supporting the drive for electrification UK and worldwide
  • Aligning the UK SiC supply chain to be capable of the end-to-end supply of materials and parts to support UK power electronics manufacturing
  • Successful exploitation of ESCAPE will Result in further UK investment in SiC R&D and capital expenditure
  • Total project value £19.5million, with £9.7 million funded through the APC

Project Consortium

  • University of Warwick
  • Clas-sic Wafer Fab Limited
  • Compound Semiconductor Applications Catapult Limited
  • Compound Semiconductor Centre Limited
  • Lyra Electronics Limited
  • Microsemi Semiconductor Limited
  • MaxPower Semiconductor Ltd
  • Techworkshub Ltd
  • Tribus-D Ltd
  • Turbo Power Systems Limited
  • Exawatt
  • McLaren Applied Technologies Ltd

Bringing Power Electronics capability home

The APC’s funding of this project ensures that a key component of moving to zero carbon electric vehicles, Silicon Carbide, happens in the UK with the supply chain to support it and the technology and manufacture to deliver that change is made in the UK.

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