BSA Company Ltd. – The Electric BSA Project

Putting British motorcycling back on the global automotive map

Project Highlights 

  • Creation of a modern retro, authentic, best-in-class, electric-motorcycle that is unmistakably British. 
  • Powered by green-fuel and refined with state-of-the-art technology. 
  • Project to include a bespoke battery, with a specially designed motor that creates the right retro-torque with an authentic sound. 
  • Prototypes, control features and power management to be developed efficiently to get the maximum out of the battery. 
  • Motorcycle to be developed with advanced levels of telematics to enhance the ownership/riding experience. 

Project Consortium 

  • BSA Company Ltd.
  • University of Warwick (Warwick Manufacturing Group)
  • Dana TM4
  • Microlise
  • Vital Auto
  • Hypermotive

A true modern retro motorcycle, powered by a battery-powered electric motor

This middleweight retro-roadster will target the mid-performance segment and have a wide market appeal. It will have the best of both worlds, a modern retro-design that rides on innovative and green technology. BSA wants to “contemporise the classic” through this motorcycle. Funding received for this project will fast-forward the development of a UK-designed, developed, and manufactured electric motorcycle.

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