Roadmaps & Foresights

Providing the knowledge to enable the transition to net-zero

To help you prepare for the transition to net-zero, we have worked to collate insight, foresights and predictions from across industry, academia and government on the opportunities and challenges on the road ahead.


Our Roadmaps provide an insight into the technology trends and forecasts for automotive propulsion systems to 2040.

They are an essential tool in identifying the path to a net-zero future, highlighting key milestones that present opportunities and also challenges that must be overcome

There are Roadmaps dedicated to giving insight into both key technologies and vehicles.

Roadmap Reports

Our Roadmap Reports provide detailed insights aimed to complement the Roadmaps, in order to help the automotive industry accelerate innovation and overcome challenges. These reports focus on the supporting information and assumptions for each primary technology theme, as well as further detail for each statement in the roadmap. They are available in 4 languages: English, Japanese, Korean and German.

Industry Challenge Report

Our Industry Challenges reports were developed via a consensus process with academia and the automotive industry to highlight the most significant technology themes and provide a non-exhaustive list of R&D examples. 

The reports were created with the aim to respond to an overarching need in the industry to address the cross-technology and product-focused propulsion challenges. These reports are intrinsically linked to the Roadmaps and it is recommended that they are read in conjunction with the Roadmap Reports to provide added context and rationale behind challenges presented.

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