UK Pavilion hosts presentations from leading engine technology innovators as Engine Expo 2016 opens

  • UK Pavilion hosts an insight into companies developing the next generation of efficient powertrains
  • Presentations from AIE, RML Group, Dearman and Catagen
  • Companies have all benefited from the UK’s unique innovation support landscape
  • The UK Pavilion (stand number 3320) is supported by the GREAT Britain campaign

A total of 14 leading engine technology innovators are displaying their products in the UK Pavilion at Engine Expo 2016, Messe Stuttgart, Germany, which opens today, 31 May, and runs until 2 June 2016. On today’s opening day a number of the companies are giving presentations which provide an insight into the exciting innovations that they are bringing to market.

Advanced Innovative Engineering (AIE)

AIE has developed a new rotary engine which is being showcased in the UK Pavilion in a Westfield sports car. In this application the rotary engine provides a powerful, lightweight and compact primary power unit. However the ideal application for the engine is as an efficient power source in a series hybrid or as a range-extender. The 650S engine has been developed with help from the TDAP programme run by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC). Nathan Bailey, Managing Director, Advanced Innovative Engineering, says that the APC has provided invaluable help with raising the profile of the engine within the industry and with introductions to potential partners and collaborators. He adds “The UK offers unique support to technology development companies, which is resulting in us now having broader engagement with OEMs.”

RML Group

RML is a motorsport and high performance automotive engineering company that has developed the lightweight yet powerful 400bhp 3-cylinder 1.5-litre powertrain for the Nissan ZEOD RC, a petrol-electric race car that appeared in the experimental Garage 56 in Le Mans. The low weight of the petrol engine meant there was minimal extra weight to carry for its all-electric lap. Such a power unit is also ideal for use in general automotive, where a 3-cylinder petrol engine with a hybrid system – offering performance and economy – could be packaged in the space traditionally taken up by a 4-cylinder engine. RML is now looking at commercialising the engine in such a way, with the help of UK support organisations such as the APC. Simon Holloway, Commercial Director, RML Group says “Motorsport companies have to continually innovate, and this ability can help the UK automotive industry. Thankfully the support environment for technology developers in the UK is helping to facilitate such collaboration.”


Dearman has developed a unique engine, which runs on the expansion of liquid nitrogen, rather than diesel. The result is a ready supply of zero emission ‘cold and power’. The engine has a number of applications, firstly to replace diesel engines in transport refrigeration units – the secondary systems which keep refrigerated vehicles cold. By replacing this small diesel engine, it’s possible to reduce the truck’s overall NOx emissions by over 70%, while having a significant impact on both CO2 and particulates. Other applications also being developed include a waste heat hybrid system to make trucks more efficient and less polluting, and an auxiliary power unit for buses. Jeremy North, Director – Customer Relations, Dearman Engine Company, says that with the help of the APC, awareness has been raised about Dearman’s innovative technology, and there is now interest in collaboration from OEMs. Jeremy adds “The APC has assisted in a number of ways including with the development of an industrialisation strategy, which helps to retain our technology in the UK, so assisting the UK economy.”


As the WLTC Real Driving Emissions test approaches, there is increased demand for facilities such as emissions test cells, however Catagen has developed portable, unique recirculating gas reactor technology to allow the testing of full size emissions after-treatment systems without the need for a complex test cell. This catalyst technology allows development engineers in OEMs to reproduce a wide range of conditions including for the Euro 6c Real Driving Emissions test environment in accurate, repeatable tests in order to help them meet new emissions targets. Rose Mary Stalker, Executive Chairperson, Catagen, says “Through APC events we have met potential collaborators and customers, helping our innovative new technology to reach the market faster.”

Other companies showcasing new technologies in the UK Pavilion at Engine Expo are as follows:


Fully electric turbocharger and eSupercharger technology and compressors for automotive fuel cell applications

Bladon Jets

Micro-turbine and air bearing technology for use in automotive range-extenders or for static power units

Brunel University London

Industry-led research, bridging the gap between the lab and the marketplace to accelerate manufacturing implementation

Cella Energy

Advanced materials and technologies company has developed a safe hydrogen storage material that releases hydrogen when heated


High performance, low carbon powertrain engineering solutions for global OEMs and motorsport teams


Prototype motor, hybrid and electric system design & development

GKN Hybrid Power

Gyrodrive composite flywheel hybrid technology reduces fuel consumption and emissions


Pulse-R multi-gas engine delivers exceptional results in terms of performance, emissions and fuel efficiency


Engine development capability showcased by Aston Martin Vulcan


Heat batteries for vehicle heat recovery, storage and re-use – for applications ranging from improving ICE efficiency to extending EV range.

The research and development work carried out by the exhibitors is being aided by Britain’s unique innovation landscape, where industry and government work together in conjunction with a range of support including funding. Support organisations involved in the UK Pavilion are the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), Innovate UK, the Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) and the Niche Vehicle Network (NVN).

Mike Wright, Chairman, Automotive Investment Organisation (AIO), is opening the reception in the UK Pavilion. Ruth Dixon, Portfolio Manager, Advanced Propulsion Centre UK, will talk about the UK’s Innovation Eco-system, with a contribution from Ian Foley, Business Development Director, GKN Hybrid Power.

The UK Pavilion will include an Aston Martin Vulcan with an engine developed by Prodrive and a Westfield sports car with a new rotary engine developed by AIE.

The UK Pavilion (stand number 3320) is supported by the GREAT Britain campaign. The campaign showcases the very best of what Britain has to offer, and welcomes the world to visit, study and do business with the UK.