The deadline to register for the APC 3 competition is approaching – will there be more funding competitions?

There is currently up to £100 million of funding available for the third competition run by the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC), but the registration deadline of 7th January 2015 is fast approaching, so will there be future funding competitions run by the APC?

The answer is a definite yes; there will be two competitions per year, and the APC is a 10 year project. Each year competitions will open in May and November; the next competition will open in May 2015. This regularity means that organisations can plan ahead, and if required, start developing potential projects and consortia now for future competitions. There will be a higher level of funding in 2015, of up to £200 million.

But what about the outcomes from APC projects that have already started? Because of their typical 18-42 months duration, the projects have not yet been completed, however they are forecast to save 5 million tonnes of CO2, and to secure or create 2,500 jobs.

The APC is a £1 billion project, made up of £500 million of investment from industry, and £500 million from government. Is the UK automotive industry of sufficient value to the UK economy to justify such an investment? According to the SMMT’s 2014 Motor Industry Facts, the UK automotive manufacturing industry has a significant economic impact. In 2012 the industry:

  • Turned over £59.3bn
  • Added £11.9bn in value to the UK economy
  • Accounted for around 3% of GDP
  • Invested £1.7bn in R&D
  • Exported products worth £30.7bn, accounting for 10% of UK trade in goods
  • Invested £2.1bn net capital
  • Employed 731,000 people
  • Employed 82,000 people in the UK supply chain
  • Generated £4.8bn added value by UK automotive suppliers

If you have a low carbon technology that has the potential to be successfully commercialised then you should speak to the APC. You can meet the APC at the MIA Low Carbon Racing Conference 2015 which takes place on 7 January 2015 at the NEC.