Shadow Industry Minister backs continuity for the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK at the Labour Party Conference

Speaking at the SMMT breakfast during the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, Shadow Industry Minister Iain Wright MP set out his party’s commitment to the continuation of successful automotive policies and institutions.

Mr. Wright said that The Advanced Propulsion Centre, Automotive Investment Organisation and the Automotive Council would all continue under a Labour government.

The Minister also outlined Labour’s support for SMMT’s five manifesto priorities for next year’s General Election:

  • Commitment to long-term industrial strategy.
  • Creating the right conditions for investment.
  • Positioning the UK as a global leader on innovation.
  • Supporting ultra-low emission vehicles and a strong sustainable vehicle market.
  • Maintaining a strong UK voice in Europe.

Mr. Wright acknowledged that key issues need to be addressed if the UK automotive sector is to be successful in the future – particularly in skills, supply chain and innovation. In the latter area, he questioned whether the landscape could be more streamlined to help UK businesses realise their potential.