Road to COP26 – register your interest now

Pivotal discussions at the UN climate conference in Glasgow are fast approaching.

To build momentum leading up to this event and raising the importance of achieving net-zero ambitions, the Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) has joined forces with like-minded organisations from across the sectors to create a series of events – Road to COP26.  


Focusing on seven topics, which are fundamental to the decarbonisation of the transport sector ultimately delivering the 2050 net-zero ambitions together.

The UK’s automotive industry is a keen collaborator, working across other sectors and nations and to deliver climate goals, and it has innovation and expertise in key technologies enabling the transition

We are standing at a pivotal point. The UK Government is setting the pace of decarbonisation of transport in the UK and is leading the way globally. This creates a once in a generation opportunity and with the right support, the automotive sector can prosper. Delivering jobs and inward investment, which creates wealth to take us from a science superpower to an industrial superpower and makes huge strides towards net zero.

Registration is now live for:

12 October 2021: Driving the net-zero silent revolution – a look at policy and innovation in the development of eMachines

14 October 2021: Investing for a net-zero emissions automotive future organised by KTN we explore what investment and financial instruments need to be made available to aid the green recovery and transition to electrification

19 October 2021: How are we powering the way to net-zero emissions? From production or generation, to transportation and end delivery

26 October 2021: The role of fuel cells in net-zero transport emissions – A focus on cross-sectoral collaboration, innovation and R&D

Join us for what promises to be an important opportunity to set the scene ahead of the climate conference. The time for urgent action has arrived and we believe that the solutions being developed by industry can and will make a difference.

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