New information hub launched for roadmaps

A new information hub has been produced by the LowCVP on their website to signpost a growing range of roadmaps such as fuel, vehicle and infrastructure. Roadmaps such as those hosted on the APC roadmap area will be directed to by the information hub.

The new information pages, hosted on the LowCVP’s website provide signposts to the most important roadmaps that have helped to inform the collective view. The key roadmaps covered (and which are available for download) are:

  • Vehicle technology
  • Transport energy
  • Transport energy infrastructure

In September 2013, the Automotive Council published 11 roadmaps to illustrate the advances that will be made in automotive technology in coming decades. These diagrams represent the consensus view of key stakeholders for each area of technology. These roadmaps show short-term and long-term goals with technology solutions designed to meet the goal of reducing emissions. These plans are created to assist the development of vehicles, energy, and infrastructure.

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