Meridian Mobility launches new brand identity as Zenzic

Progressing on its journey of accelerating the self-driving revolution in the UK, Meridian has today announced the company is embarking on a rebrand and will be known as Zenzic.

The rebrand, which is effective as of 01/05/2019, will be reflected through a new name, logo and website. Zenzic (formerly Meridian) is a sister organisation of the Advanced Propulsion Centre UK, focusing on the acceleration of the self-driving revolution in the UK.

While the name has changed, the mission remains the same: set up by government and industry, the company is channelling £200m into connected and self-driving vehicle testing and development in the UK. The goal is to secure the position of the UK as leader for the self-driving future.

The new name, Zenzic, means ‘to the power of’ and denotes the multiplier effect the company has on the connected and self-driving vehicle ecosystem.

The Zenzic mission is to lead the UK in the move to a safer, more inclusive and productive mobile future. The company is shaping the roadmap and ecosystem for connected and automated mobility, establishing the UK as a world leader in the space.

Its goals are to:

  • Drive collaboration, leading and shaping a world-class Testbed UK
  • Deliver a comprehensive UK Connected and Automated Mobility Roadmap to 2030 that guides decision makers, policy makers and investors
  • Champion the UK connected and self-driving vehicle ecosystem by showcasing its unique offering

The development of connected and autonomous vehicle technologies is essential, in tandem with the low-carbon propulsion technologies which will power them. Zenzic encourages collaboration between technology experts in key industries, to develop solutions and overcome the challenges that autonomous vehicles face on the road to becoming mainstream transport technology.

The company will be using its new identity to launch its “UK Roadmap to 2030” later this year. This will outline the steps industry, government and academia need to take across safety, cybersecurity, people and infrastructure to prepare for the future of connected and automated mobility (CAM).

We will remain to work collaboratively with Zenzic and wish it all the best in its mission to make the UK a go-to for connected and autonomous vehicle technology testing and development.