Innovate UK and OLEV spark battery innovation

Innovate UK and the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) have announced plans to create a competition to help improve battery technology. The competition will give consortiums the chance to apply for up to £10 million of investment towards developing a pilot line, enabling a greater understanding on how to produce high-voltage electric vehicle batteries. The results gained from this will then be used on a much greater scale for commercial use to improve current battery systems in electric vehicles.

The Advanced Propulsion Centre is supporting this competition and will also soon be opening the next competition for grant funding in early May with £100 million worth of investment towards low carbon advanced propulsion technology projects. Investment programmes such as the recent Innovate UK and OLEV competitions supporting future electric vehicle battery production, and the APC’s £1 billion programmes position the UK as a global centre of excellence in low carbon advanced propulsion technology development and production.