Future of Technology Series goes virtual

We’re excited to announce that the Future of Technology Series is virtually back!

In partnership with the Institute of Digital Engineering, we’re taking the Future of Technology Series online to host a week of short webinars.

We’ll be covering the use of digital engineering in the automotive industry as part of our #FoTDigitalisationWeek, ‘Digitalisation: The Transformation of Engineering’.

Starting on Monday 18th May 2020, every day between 10:30 – 12:00 we will invite experts to cover a variety of hot-topics within the digitisation of automotive industry agenda.

Find out more about each of the sessions and register below.

Monday 18th May – Is the automotive industry in the slow lane?

We will be hearing from other sectors about how they are using digital engineering and what we can learn from them.

The UK automotive industry is not alone in its need to embrace new digital science and technology to transform its engineering capability. How are other industries using this technology to their advantage? Are we all facing the same challenges or are they unique to specific sectors? We will be hearing from different industries including aviation, F1 and marine to gage, is the automotive industry in the slow lane and what do we need to do to keep up?

Tuesday 19th May – Simulations: would you trust them with your life?

Is it possible for us to eradicate the need for physical testing, saving time and money, or will we still always rely on physical testing to feel safe in a vehicle?

We will be asking industry experts if they believe effective modelling and simulation would be able to replace real-world testing, and the barriers we need to overcome to revolutionise how we confirm products and services are fit for purpose. Could we really be trusting simulations with our lives?

Wednesday 20th May – Machine learning or learning from machines?

Is the key to unlocking a new level of potential in engineering artificial? Traditionally, we think of machines learning from humans to perform tasks, but the future may involve a switch of teacher.

Join our expert panel as they discuss the opportunities for engineers to utilise advancements in AI to help make better decisions, by taking advantage of the complex algorithms which enable machines to come to conclusions in faster timeframes.

Thursday 21st May – Immersive technology: tool or toy?

Why we should be using immersive technology? Does gaming technology really have the power to help the automotive industry or is it just a marketing gimmick? Do immersive technologies, such as virtual & augmented reality, really have a place in the world of engineering? Or do they belong in the realm of entertainment?

We will be asking experts from the automotive and gaming industry to discuss examples of how immersive technology is proving a game-changer for technology and vehicle development.

Friday 22nd May – The digitalisation imperative

Is the digitalisation of our engineering capability the change the UK automotive industry urgently needs to stay globally relevant? In our final Future of Technology Digitalisation session we will be hearing from automotive OEM’s about what they think the future of digitalisation looks like. Is the need for digitalisation hype or is it a necessity?