Budding engineers given first step into the automotive industry

Budding engineers are being given a chance to take their first steps into the automotive industry through the Automotive Apprenticeship Matching Service. The Matching Service, created by the Automotive Industrial Partnership, is helping to develop a skilled workforce for the future by matching aspiring engineers with companies seeking fresh talent.

The Automotive Apprenticeship Matching Service re-directs high quality talent from over-subscribed automotive apprenticeship programmes to other companies within the sector that have similar opportunities. By actively working with both companies and candidates, it is able to ensure that talent is harnessed and retained within the automotive industry.

It looks to address to ever growing skills gap in the UK automotive industry. Over 17% of establishments have skills gaps, 31% of these are SMEs. A report published by the Automotive Council, UK Automotive International Competitiveness, identified that there was around 5,000 vacant jobs in the automotive industry. The service looks to help companies who wish to guide individuals on their route to becoming highly skilled professionals, by providing an easy system to find suitable candidates for these vacant positions.

The services works by offering businesses:

  • Free consultation – help to put a quality apprenticeship programme together built around job roles and explain funding, grants and any costs that may be involved.
  • Full recruitment service – with access to a screened talent bank of applicants, saving time and money taking on the right apprentice.
  • Introduction to a vetted training provider for programme delivery – offering impartial advice and find the right training provider for you and your apprentice

It acts as a hub for individuals looking to break into the automotive industry, allowing users to easily view openings. There is a range of vacancy across the industry available on the site, from engineering opportunities all the way to office opportunities.

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