Automotive Council – Workstream support facilitators

To help aid the work of the Automotive Council, it is seeking to find organisations who can help run the new Workstream Support Facilitators initiative. This scheme will provide an opportunity to assist Automotive Council Working Groups to support research projects, giving them valuable industry experience. Initially the programme will run as a 12 month pilot period, but with an option for longer if the scheme is successful.

The APC (on behalf of the Automotive Council) are seeking a partner that will:

  • Develop and run a pilot scheme allowing for around 20 project support activities per year, lasting around 12 and 24 weeks (depending on project scale). The project scope and supervision will be the responsibility of the work stream leaders and not in the scope of the clearing house role.
  • Target three Automotive Council co-ordination events to determine forthcoming projects, advise on candidate pool and propose post pilot, sustainability actions.
  • Be the focal point for pre-project co-ordination and post project candidate feedback.
  • Ensure confidentiality and appropriateness, respecting the engagement of numerous organisations and personal details.
  • Maintain progress updates to the Automotive Council (directly or through the APC).

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