Road to COP26: eMachines

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Event date: 12/10/2021 14:00:00

Driving the net-zero silent revolution

Moving vehicles using electric motors or eMachines – to help decarbonise the whole transport sector and achieve global net-zero ambitions – is now policy in many countries. Demand is also driven by consumer choice, and manufacturers are responding quickly. Over 500 automotive electric vehicle (EV) models expected globally by 2022 and sales reaching 8.5 million globally by 2025. In the UK, sales of electric cars already match those of diesels.

Yet advances in electric machines including for better performance, more compact designs, improved efficiency and quality materials, do not only benefit the mass-market adoption of EV. Investment in the entire supply chain, from magnets to recycling, offers opportunities throughout the UK for businesses in the automotive sector but also in other leading manufacturing and energy industries.

Ahead of COP26, join this event headed by Matt Western MP, Chair of the APPG for Electric Vehicles as we discuss: how can policy here in the UK drive the silent revolution and what support is required to make the most of its capabilities?

Confirmed speakers include

  • Tim Woolmer, CTO, YASA
  • Chris White, Europe Electrification and Global Engineering Alignment Manager – Ford
  • Tony Campbell, Chief Executive – Motorcycle Industry Association
  • James Goss, CEO, Motor Design Ltd

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The fourth virtual event on the Road to COP26, how eMachines are key to the net-zero silent revolution emissions