Road to COP26: Batteries

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Event date: 28/09/2021 00:00:00

Are sustainable batteries a unicorn?

To meet national and global commitments on decarbonisation, batteries are supplementing and replacing the internal combustion engine as the primary power source in hybrid and full-electric vehicles.

Key battery technology was first developed in the UK, but others quickly followed suit. Today China and South Korea are the leading global suppliers. The race is now on across the world to produce them in sufficient quantities to meet predicted demand.

In this event, hosted by the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre (recently officially opened by Prime Minster Boris Johnson) we explore the latest developments in automotive battery technology across the UK and discover how developments in automotive is supporting the transition in different sectors.

We look at the second life for batteries once they have finished powering vehicles and beyond that how they can be recycled and start the cycle again. We hear from speakers in the countries where the rare earth metals are mined and explore the opportunities for the UK to collaborate on the next generation of batteries.

This will be a hybrid event with participants and a small audience physically on site at UKBIC and the discussion livestreamed online. There is limited space available at to attend in person – please register your interest via the ticket options. UKBIC will also offer site tours of the facility in small groups to those who are interested, after the event concludes.

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Are sustainable batteries a unicorn? Hosted by UKBIC: how battery technology developed in UK is electrifying transport