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Silver Power Systems – REDTOP

New EV Battery Digital Twins for powerful insights

The collaborative creation of this predictive software will give powerful insights into where battery degradation might occur and enable an accurate prediction of future battery life and performance. This project will create value for vehicle manufacturers, owners and users.

Real-time Electrical Digital Twin Operating Platform

Project Highlights 

  • Development of digital twins of EV batteries based on data-driven physics, informed battery models, and cell and pack specific parameters. 
  • Data collected from 50+ LEVC and JCSA vehicles will be compared to predictions to fine tune accuracy 
  • Ability to generate business intelligence reports on the collected battery data  
  • Opportunity to give powerful insights into battery performance and degradation to the vehicle developers  
  • Enable prediction of future battery degradation and remaining useful life 
  • Total project value £856,442, with £553,010 funded through the APC  

 Project Consortium 

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