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Lotus – LEVA

New lightweight structures for next generation net-zero vehicles

Project LEVA is targeting the acceleration of and innovation behind new lightweight structures for next-generation net-zero emissions vehicles. Pioneering cutting edge UK based engineering and manufacturing expertise to create products which can be applied to BEV’s from ‘everyday’ sports cars up to sports crossovers.

Lightweight Electric Vehicle Architecture

Project Highlights 

  • Development of new lightweight structures for net-zero emission vehicles 
  • Incorporates cutting-edge UK engineering to pioneer new BEV chassis and powertrain concepts 
  • Collaborating with supply chain partner Sarginsons to develop state-of-the-art digital twin 
  • Incorporating high-performance aluminium alloys developed by BCAST at Brunel University. 
  • Total project value of £2m, with £1m funded by the APC 

 Project Consortium 

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