Production Readiness Competition

Hyperdrive – Hybrid Driveline

Reduction in CO2 due to innovative hybrid drive system

An in-line hybrid system is a disruptive low emission vehicle technology offering the opportunity to downsize the internal combustion engine therefore providing significant emissions and weight reduction without impacting on vehicle performance.

Using hybrid propulsion to downsize engines while retaining performance

Project Highlights

  • Development of a hybrid powertrain and e-clutch for vehicles with manual gearboxes, enabling engine downsizing
  • The technology offers flexibility through selection of different drive modes for full EV, hybrid or conventional combustion engine propulsion
  • Powertrain engineered an fitted in a demonstration vehicle 13 knowledge gained can be applied to other vehicles
  • Potential for fuel economy and CO2 savings across a range of platforms
  • £500,000 project value with £250,000 funding from the APC

Project Consortium

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