Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator

Dolphin N2 Limited – RE-ARMD

Bringing together industry and academia

The project combines industrial and academic expertise to improve the engine’s efficiency and emissions and validate a hydrogen combustion system with a unique ability for rapid conversion of a base liquid fuel unit. RE-ARMD will also deliver a legacy of improved technology, facilities and virtual tools in readiness for a future APC application and commercialisation.

Revolutionising thermal propulsion systems for heavy-duty

Project Highlights 

  • Accelerates advancement to market readiness demonstration for the Recuperated Split Cycle Engine  
  • Revolutionary heavy-duty thermal propulsion system that offers fuel-cell levels of efficiency and near-zero emissions 
  • Gives the ability to transition to sustainable fuels such as biomethane and hydrogen 
  • Project will deliver a demonstrator engine, which will be showcased at LCV2021  
  • Total project value £1.6 million, with £0.9 million funded through the APC  

Project Consortium 

Road to Net Zero Podcast: Dolphin N2

Road to Net Zero Podcast

Our Road to Net Zero podcast is all about how the UK automotive industry is transitioning to net zero. In a series of interviews, we highlight key issues and developments, interesting projects and technologies emerging from one of the UK’s most innovative sectors on the road to net zero.

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