Advanced Route to Market Demonstrator

Delta Motorsport – TrueREEV

A powerful alternative

In integrating this technology, Delta Motorsport and its partners will provide a real alternative to conventional diesel or gasoline ICE range extenders – the smaller and lighter catalytic generator enabling the use of larger battery packs, extending the zero tailpipe emissions (ZTE) range and delivering potential decreased CO2 emissions.


Project Highlights 

  • Accelerating the in-vehicle integration of Delta Motorsports catalytic generator technology  
  • Using a Ford Transit PHEV vehicle as a starting point, this project will integrate the innovative catalytic generator technology to create a real-world REEV demonstrator  
  • Delivering a more durable and higher-performing catalytic generator to meet light-commercial-vehicle market requirements  
  • The project will deliver a driving Ford Transit REEV vehicle featuring the integrated catalytic generator at Cenex-LCV 2021   
  • Total project value £1.1 million, with £0.7 million funded through the APC  

Project Consortium 

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