Jaguar Land Rover – PREPARE

Propulsion System Optimisation Through Prediction And Machine Learning

Project Highlights 

  • The design, engineering and testing of predictive energy management strategies for electrified propulsion systems 
  • Novel, cloud-based machine learning strategies to intelligently predict the route of the next journey 
  • Predict real-time energy use through learning driver behaviour 
  • Demonstrate potential compliance of PHEVs within zones where ICE operation is banned 
  • Total project value £1.05 million, with £680,000 funded through the APC  

Project Consortium 

  • Jaguar Land Rover 
  • Loughborough University 

Driving efficiency through predictive learning

This project fundamentally addresses the energy management challenge created by the presence of multiple energy sources; fuel, battery energy and grid energy. Through driver learning and prediction, the technology prepares the propulsion system on approach to the zone, or even the day before, to deploy the best source of energy to achieve the lowest possible emissions or energy use for any given journey.

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