UK new car registrations grow again

The new car market in the UK continues to soar according to today’s news from the SMMT with a record 42nd consecutive month of growth. The upward trend was sustained in August with an increase of 9.6% to 79,060 new cars registered for the month compared with the same period in 2014. The picture for the number of new cars registered in the year-to-date revealed growth of 6.7% to 1,634,369 units.

The increase in new car registrations is spread across all sectors and fuel types. The fleet market rose by 12.1%, the business sector by 11.8%, and private buyers jumped 7.2%. The figures reflect the thriving UK automotive manufacturing sector and follow the news this week that Nissan has announced a further £100 million investment for its Sunderland manufacturing plant for the production of the new generation Nissan Juke.

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