Students make their policies in the National Propulsion Showcase

What changes would you like the government to make to transport policy to reduce CO2 and improve air quality? That’s the question that a group of MSc students were asked during their visit to the National Propulsion Showcase. The group were challenged to take on the persona of a variety of people from MP’s to car manufacturers, to decide what policies would help to change the future for the better.

The group of students, completing their Masters Degree at the University of Warwick, found out it’s not as easy as it sounds, when visiting the National Propulsion Showcase this week. An interesting array of policies came out of the activity, featuring decisions to discourage the use of cars, introducing low emission lanes and rewarding the introduction of new technology. However the students acknowledged the implications of each of these policies.  The activity was designed to look at the way that the implementation of policies drive change in the automotive industry, linking to their module on “Automotive Hybridisation and Electrification”.

The MSc students were also shown around the National Propulsion Showcase, located in at the Advanced Propulsion Centre Hub. A tour given by Ruth Dixon, Portfolio Manager at the APC, alongside Gareth Deakin, Project Associate at the APC, gave students an insight into the drivers that cause technology changes in the automotive industry. The group were shown the technology on display in the showcase and explained the opportunities available for them through the APC.