Coming soon – The National Propulsion Showcase

As part of the APC’s vision to position the UK as a global centre for low carbon propulsion system development and production, a National Propulsion Showcase is being developed.

The new facility at the APC Hub in the University of Warwick will be the first permanent exhibition dedicated to explaining the opportunities available in the UK for low carbon propulsion systems.

Technology displays and examples of APC projects will provide a backdrop to the Story of Propulsion and allow visitors to explore the opportunities available in low carbon propulsion, one of the most exciting areas of engineering in the UK.

Visitors will range from schoolchildren looking at career options through to financial investors interested in opportunities with new technology. Project teams will showcase their products to the wide range of guests and potential partners can see the scope of activities being undertaken through the APC here in the UK for visitors both nationally and worldwide.

The National Propulsion Showcase is a key part of the APC’s mission and is being developed to provide stakeholders in low carbon propulsion systems with an accessible facility to tell their story and present the opportunities available. Resources available will include the roadmaps developed through the Automotive Council and case studies of the investments being made in projects and programmes funded by the APC.

The National Propulsion Showcase is under development and will open during Spring 2015.