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Saietta – Axial Flux Motor Productionisation

Developing e-motor manufacturing capability at scale in the UK

Saietta successfully developed the motor technology and performance on a previous APC-funded Project, ADAPT. This project will refine the design for manufacture, develop the capability and processes for high-volume production and create a UK-based production facility.

The project will put the UK at the forefront of high value, axial flux motor manufacture, creating jobs and increasing revenues across the supply chain and is very closely aligned with the objectives of the UK Industrial Strategy.

Electric machines

Project Highlights

  • Project will focus on optimising the manufacturing process of a unique (patent pending) range of electric propulsion motors for electric vehicles.
  • The modular design enables multiple solutions that are suitable for a wide range of applications, from scooters to buses.
  • Class-leading performance from the axial flux motor, at an affordable price for electric vehicle manufacturers.
  • Key attributes include, high-efficiency, power density and torque characteristics, in a compact form factor.
  • Through this project, Saietta will increase production capability up to 10,000 motors per year as a springboard towards the long-term vision of achieving over 100,000 units..
  • Brandauer will develop new techniques to manufacture and assemble the unique lamination packs creating a new UK-based supplier for Saietta.
  • AEV will develop the specific resin to meet the requirements of the motor and the production process.
  • All specialist partners will combine their specific expertise and skills to develop processes and components to support the journey towards high volume manufacture.
  • Total project value £5.2 million, with £2.6 million funded through the APC.

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