Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP)

Reaction Engines

Thermal Management

Reaction Engines have developed a range of groundbreaking lightweight thermal transfer foils that aim to accelerate consumer uptake of electric vehicles through enabling significantly faster charging and discharge rates. These revolutionary battery foils provide a low pack weight and volume and greatly reduce thermal gradients across the pack and contribute to a vastly extended battery life.

EV Battery Foils – Project highlights 

  • Enables EV battery operation across a broad range of environmental temperatures
  • Goal of improving overall battery life by maintaining constant temperature across the entire pack
  • Weighs less than present liquid cooling systems, while providing improved thermal conductivity
  • Will be easy to integrate with the battery pack and designed for mass manufacturing
  • Further help provide demonstrable performance data and prototypes of the innovative EV battery cooling foils to engage customers, while informing manufacturing considerations.

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