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Morgan Motor Company – CO2 divided by 2

Morgan motors towards electric and hybrid future

High efficiency ICE and all-electric vehicles are shaping how we own and drive cars. Step forward Morgan Motor Company, a UK success story and a world-famous car manufacturer, integrating state-of-the-art low CO2 powertrains.

New low-carbon powertrain technologies for modern-classic Morgan sports cars

Project Highlights

  • This project was able to enable next-generation vehicles to half the Morgan fleet average COemissions
  • The project progressed the adoption of state-of-the-art, heavily downsized turbocharged petrol engines, as well as developing electric sports car technology
  • Developed the lightweight CX-Generation platform, underpinning Morgan’s new vehicles.
  • Morgan worked with supply chain partners to develop new powertrain technologies
  • Funding helped Morgan attract investors and develop future expansion plans
  • Total project value £5.9 million, with around half being funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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