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LEVC – Electric Vehicle Evolution (EVE)

Developing EV technology in the UK

A collaborative project which aims to develop, localise, industrialise and productionise the next generation of high-performance EV technology for existing and future vehicles produced by LEVC. The project builds on the current and successful ‘eCity’ technology, estimated to have reduced over 30,000 tonnes of CO₂. The project draws on UK-based industry partners and academic expertise to develop this new EV technology and ensures LEVC will continue to lead on development of innovative green mobility products.

Energy storage

Electric Vehicle Evolution

Project Highlights 

  • Accelerating the development of next-generation electric vehicle technology
  • The Project will develop EV technology for existing and future vehicles which are manufactured in the UK
  • Development and industrialisation of EV technology
  • Localisation of component manufacture in the UK
  • Job creation within manufacturing and supply chain organisations.
  • Total project value £24.6 million, with £10.9 million funded through the APC

Project Consortium 

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