Collaborative R&D Competitions

Hofer – Kentmere

Developing unique technically advanced high performance e-motors and inverters

The development of a new generation of e-motor and inverter modules is improving the UK’s global competitiveness in the low carbon automotive supply chain. It also enables collaborators to develop unique expertise and capabilities within the UK supply chain.

Drive towards world-leading electric propulsion

Project Highlights

  • Delivering world leading new UK capabilities in the design and manufacture of highly advanced Electric and Hybrid drive units and associated power electronics
  • Focused on the development of unique, technically advanced high performance e-motors and inverters that exceed currently available, best in class standards
  • From their facilities in the UK, the project supports the research, development and enables subsequent industrialisation of a completely new generation of e-motors and inverter modules
  • Delivering unique new knowledge and expertise in the UK, job creation, inward investment and skills development
  • Utilising technically advanced, high performance e-motors and invertors to deliver significant CO2 savings across hybrid a Battery Electric Vehicle platforms
  • Total project costs of £42.2 million, receiving around half grant funding through the APC

Project Consortium

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