Collaborative R&D Competitions

Ford – eSHADOW  

Reinforcing structures, right material, right place

Led by Ford, this collaborative industry research project aims to develop a hybrid material structural engineering tool to promote lightweight design and verification for product development processes. This project will create a lightweight multi-material solution for rolling chassis ladder frames to improve vehicle efficiency and promote adoption of zero-emission vehicle architectures and will demonstrate a new approach for engineering practices that will enable development of the next generation of electric vehicles

Lightweight Vehicle and Powertrain Structure

Multi-material solutions enabling electrified vehicle structures

Project Highlights 

  • Development of lightweight multi-material solutions for rolling chassis ladder frames. 
  • Offer 30% weight reduction compared to conventional all steel systems enabling the adoption of EV technologies without compromise to payload. 
  • Creation of reliable digital design tools and methodologies for predicting performance, durability and failure modes of hybrid material structures. 
  • Demonstrate manufacturability at scale while proving out design with vehicle demonstrators benchmarked to Ford standards.  
  • Total project value £8.5 million, with £4.1 million funded through the APC.  

Project Consortium 

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