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Creating a new circular battery supply chain in the UK

As more vehicles become electrified, greater volumes of batteries and battery materials are required, which will eventually reach end of life and be repurposed or recycled. Currently, end-of-life battery packs are shipped outside of the UK for treatment, at significant cost. Not only is this unsustainable, but it exports valuable metals which can be recovered for future use in the UK. The RECOVAS project will introduce a new circular supply chain for electric vehicle batteries in the UK, by developing the infrastructure to collect and recycle electric vehicles and their batteries.

Recycling and reuse of EV cells from obsolete vehicles at scale

Project Highlights 

  • Project will create a circular supply chain for electric vehicle batteries in the UK. 
  • The creation of processes, design guidelines and a physical pilot facility to recover vehicle batteries, allowing packs and materials to be re-used or recycled. 
  • The development of a process for analysis of used batteries, directing materials to the most appropriate recycling stream – from pack and cell re-use to recycling of materials. 
  • Requirements will be defined to enable recyclability to be designed into future vehicle battery packs. 
  • This project will retain high-value materials within the UK supply chain, saving end-of-life liability costs for manufacturers and provide a sustainable source of valuable metals, that are vital to the future UK EV supply chain. 
  • Total project value £8.9m with £4.4m funded through the APC. 

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