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Dearman – CEMZEP

Cool technology

This technology can provide a zero emission (at point of use) alternative to existing technologies in applications such as refrigerated trucks, due to its combined power and cooling abilities. Through this project Dearman is currently collaborating with a range of supermarkets, including Marks & Spencer, to real-world test this technology.

Cryogenic engine from Croydon

Project Highlights

  • Novel cryogenic engine fueled by liquid nitrogen
  • Zero emissions at point of use
  • System produces cool air, making it ideal for refrigerated trucks
  • Provides an alternative to high emitting, mainly unregulated, diesel generators commonly used in refrigerated trucks
  • Received funding from TDAP and core competitions
  • £15.4 million total project value, receiving £6 million funding through the APC

Consortium Partners

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