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Cummins – Brunel

Developing zero-emission hydrogen internal combustion engines

Cummins is leading a consortium of ICE sub-system suppliers to increase UK self-reliance in the emerging hydrogen economy.

The project investment will create new jobs and upskill many hundreds of current roles. Successful execution offers a significant opportunity for the UK to create a high-value H2-ICE manufacturing sector and export business.  This Darlington-based project further enhances regional focus on the Tees Valley Hydrogen Transport Hub (HTH), the first in the UK.

Project highlights

  • Project will accelerate the development of hydrogen-fuelled internal combustion engines (H2-ICE).
  • Technology is designed for medium and heavy-duty engines for truck and construction equipment. 
  • Engines will reduce vehicle and machine redevelopment timelines, with the retention of existing driveline components.  
  • The project will demonstrate a zero CO₂ commercial vehicle solution using an internal combustion engine.  
  • Successful completion will lead to a significant uplift in the UK-sourced ICE supply chain – ensuring that the UK is at the forefront of this key emerging technology – and will further enable innovations in fuel injection, combustion, thermal management and advanced materials. It will also lead to further technology solutions for decarbonisation, by complementing the introduction of hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric powertrains.  
  • Total project value £14.6 million, with £7.2 million funded through the APC.

Project Consortium

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