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Caterpillar – TASER

A transformation of Caterpillar UK to zero emissions producer

A key objective for this project was to trigger innovative business transformation across Caterpillar UK. As a diesel machine manufacturer, there was a lot to learn regarding construction equipment electrification – all for the benefit of a future generation of heavy duty vehicles emitting zero CO2 emissions. Developing a fully electric powertrain for the demanding environmental conditions and duty cycles (required by the off-highway machinery market) is technically demanding and requires significant innovation as most components that are available, and developed for the passenger car market, are not suitable.

Electrifying construction machinery

Project Highlights

  • Combining Caterpillar’s deep understanding of construction equipment and systems integration with innovative electrification systems produced by AVID Technology*
  • Delivering the first electrified Caterpillar vehicle, producing zero-emissions and low noise and first electrified Caterpillar – the learnings from this will benefit future model development
  • This innovative project will deliver the first machine of this type to go beyond basic testbed level, bringing a fully electrified compact machine from R&D through to a high level TRL/MRL
  • AVID* will deliver a highly integrated electric powertrain, utilising high torque dense axial flux electric motors and integrated power electronics
  • Novel electrical architecture is being utilised and developed to the demanding standards required in the off-highway market
  • Several new technologies will be developed that could form a platform for other heavy-duty vehicles
  • Total project value £6.6 million, with £3.3 million funded through the APC

*AVID Technology is now Turntide Technologies.

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