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Zero emission powertrains for buses and commercial vehicles

A strong collaboration of market leading capabilities that accelerates zero emission powertrains and components to market for use in buses, light and heavy duty commercial vehicles. The project strengthens the UK’s capabilities to supply power-led battery packs and demonstrates world-beating hydrogen storage technology.

Transporting game-changing technology

Project Highlights

  • Accelerates development and market readiness of zero-emission powertrains and components
  • Aiming to strengthen UK Tier 1 supply for a wide range of commercial vehicles and buses, and bolsters the UK 19s capability in the supply of hydrogen fuel cell technology
  • Developing complete fuel cell electric powertrains together with highly-integrated motor drive unit
  • Demonstrating game-changing hydrogen delivery and storage systems on a commercial vehicle for the first time
  • Developing three zero emission vehicles to production prototype stage
  • Total project value of £6.4 million with half being funded through the APC

Project Consortium

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