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AMTE Power Plc – ULTRA

Next-generation battery cell technology and application

The ULTRA project targets next-generation battery improvement at the cell level with the development, scale-up and commercialisation of AMTE Power’s innovative energy and power-dense battery cells to pre-production variants. The cells will include precision metal cell tabs developed by Avocet at a newly established UK centre of excellence. Magtec will integrate cells into a new energy-efficient battery and pack suitable for commercial electric vehicle platforms. The battery pack solution will be designed in conjunction with Petalite’s innovative rapid charging technology to benefit from reduced charging times.

The ULTRA project is focused on energy storage and energy management. Every consortium partner in the project is essential to the successful deployment of these UK-manufactured next-generation Li-ion cells, their raw materials, and downstream supply chain.

Energy storage

Creating the next generation of battery cell technology

Project Highlights 

  • Development of innovative energy and power-dense battery cells. 
  • Engineering and validation of a new integrated battery pack for a commercial EV platform with rapid charging capability. 
  • Creation of a UK centre of excellence and pilot line for battery cell tab development. 
  • Design, build and validation of a prototype ultra-fast charger.  
  • Total project value £10 million, with £5 million funded through the APC. 

Project Consortium 

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