The Advanced Propulsion Centre makes £30 million available to support low carbon innovation in the UK

Today, (8th January 2018) marks the opening of the Advanced Propulsion Centre’s (APC) ninth funding competition, APC 9, making up to £30 million match funding available for innovation that actively accelerates low carbon propulsion technologies to market.

The APC, in association with Innovate UK, is now welcoming applications from consortia with low carbon propulsion research and development projects that can deliver significant reductions in vehicle COor other harmful emissions.

Consortia leads will have up until the 7th March 2018 to submit their applications. The competition will look to fund the best future low carbon advanced propulsion technologies that will deliver significant reductions in vehicle emissions compared to current, competing, best-in-class technologies and have the capability to develop the UK’s supply chain in the field of low carbon vehicle technology.

Projects must demonstrate the development of propulsion technologies based around one or more of the following technology areas:

  • Thermal Propulsion Systems
  • Lightweight powertrain structures
  • Electric machines and power electronics
  • Energy storage and energy management
  • Alternative propulsion systems