Mayor of London challenges London to be ULEV capital of Europe

The Mayor of London has set out his plans to help position the UK as a global leader in low carbon propulsion technology by announcing a £65 million grant for zero emissions taxis. The news confirms London’s vision to be Europe’s leading city for ultra-low emission vehicles (ULEVs) focusing on taxis, but also including fire and rescue vehicles.

The Mayor of London has shown a keen interest in low carbon propulsion technology over the last few weeks by attending the Formula E event in Battersea Park, and also driving a Formula E vehicle around the track himself.

It was also announced that London’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network will receive a huge boost with 150 new rapid charge points being brought into place by 2018 to help cater for the increase of EV’s in the city. EV drivers have also been reassured that the congestion charge discount given to ULEVs will remain in place to help support current owners and encourage more.

London’s Deputy Mayor for Transport, Isabel Dedring, said,

London has real potential to become the ultra-low emission vehicle capital of Europe. We already have the world’s largest green bus fleet and now we can welcome London Fire Brigade’s commitment to electric vehicles. There is also a great opportunity for the capital’s fleet of commercial and private vehicles to step forward and help to deliver our ambition for London to be a world leader in green vehicle technology. It will help us meet London’s air quality challenge and provide economic benefits right across the UK – as shown by the Mayor’s commitment to zero emission taxis which led to a £300million investment, creating 2,000 jobs and two factories in Coventry.