Join us for Life Cycle Analysis week

We’re excited to announce that we’ll be hosting a week-long webinar series focused on sustainability and life-cycle analysis in the automotive industry.

In partnership with the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, we’ll be joined by a variety of expert guest speakers to discuss hot topics in this arena during #LCAweek.

Starting on Monday 6th July 2020, come and join us every day between 10:30-12:00, to find out more and have your say on a topic that’s fundamental to creating a sustainable automotive industry.

Below are details about each session and a link to register your attendance. You’ll receive full instructions on how to join online as part of your registration confirmation.

Monday 6th July: Vehicle emissions – widening the lens

Is it time we refocus the lens to look at emissions created throughout a vehicle’s entire lifespan, rather than just ‘in-use’ emissions?

As we move towards zero-emission vehicles, we must ensure that the emissions saved aren’t shifted from the road to the production stage. Join us as we discuss the need to increase the focus on emissions across the entire vehicle life-cycle, taking into account production, in-use and energy.

Tuesday 7th July: Securing a sustainable supply chain

Many of the technologies that are being developed to decarbonise our transport network (batteries and electric motors) require access to critical minerals, some of which can carry environmental and social risks.

In this session we’ll be discussing how we can ensure that access to these materials from trusted, robust sources is a must for OEMs to deliver a sustainable supply chain that supports responsible mining.

Wednesday 8th July: Energising a sustainable future 

On the road to zero emissions, there’ll be a mixture of energy sources. In this session, we’ll explore potential resource issues associated with low-carbon fuels, looking at biofuels, synthetic fuels, renewable hydrogen and electricity, which will all play a part in a zero-emission future.

Join us as we look at a range of energy sources and systems, discussing the challenges and opportunities on the road ahead.

Thursday 9th July: Closing the end-of-life loop

To achieve a truly sustainable future, we must understand the true value of our waste-stream and the processes that are in place to recycle and re-extract critical, valuable materials at the end of a product’s life.

During this session, we’ll look at what interventions are required, how to encourage circularity in vehicle and component design and what the UK is doing in terms of battery/component recycling, as well addressing the opportunities that exist as we drive forward to develop a circular economy.

Friday 10th July: Building an environmentally-conscious industry

In our final webinar of #LCAweek, we’ll review what we’ve learned over the week and discuss what’s possible for the UK industry to achieve.

We’ll be debating the fine balance between environmentally and economically viable solutions, as we push towards a sustainable future. The UK is well-positioned and has the opportunity to lead by example, but how do we put the frameworks in place to achieve a truly zero-emission future?