Is hydrogen the net-zero silver bullet we are searching for?

Has the time now come for hydrogen to fuel our green transport and energy revolution? The Advanced Propulsion Centre (APC) will address this hot topic in its next Future of Technology Series. The four-day webinar event, featuring  experts from industry, government and academia will illuminate the opportunities and challenges of hydrogen within the transport and energy ecosystem.

Each 90-minute event, running daily from Tuesday 13th to Friday 16th April 2021, 10:30am – 12pm, will tackle the major questions surrounding hydrogen viability, supply, infrastructure and global strategy.

The exciting agenda of topics and speakers is:

Tuesday 13th April – Should we be giving Hydrogen the green light?

An overview of current capabilities, challenges, and opportunities in hydrogen production and technology. Is it feasible to scale up hydrogen production or is it a little too late?

Keynote: Dr Sam French, Johnson Matthey

Speakers: Clare Jackson, Ecuity; Nigel Brandon, H2FC Supergen; Ralph Clague, JLR.

Wednesday 14th April – Are supply developments giving Hydrogen the green light?

A discussion of hydrogen’s potential for balancing our energy system, and what developments are needed to successfully integrate hydrogen into it. Are current supply developments making now the right time to develop hydrogen or is it another false start?

Keynote:  Colette Cohen, The Oil & Gas Technology Centre

Speakers:  Jo Howes, E4Tech ; Gareth Williams, NCC.

Thursday 15th April – How instrumental is infrastructure in giving Hydrogen the green light?

A look at refuelling infrastructure, including current capacity and the associated costs, with a broad focus on applications for hydrogen across the transport system. Do the costs outweigh the benefits?

Keynote:  Simon Wrigley, FEV Consulting

Speakers: Ashley Kells, Intelligent Energy; Amanda Lyne, ULEMCO; Chris Gear; ATI/FLYZERO.

Friday 16th April – Who in the world is giving Hydrogen the green light?

An internationally-minded exploration of hydrogen technology, including its relation to the COP26 strategy and the wider implications for the automotive industry. Is hydrogen a global race, and are we part of it?

Keynote:  Richard Halsey, Energy Systems Catapult

Speakers: Laura Finney from Engineering and Physical Science Research Council (EPSRC), Jurgen Guldner, BMW; Michaela Kendall, Adelan.

Typical of the Future of Technology Series, there will be opportunity to discuss, debate and challenge as part of a lively Q&A session with the panel at the end of each session.

Jo Evans, Strategy & Performance Director at the APC, comments:

A significant role of the APC is to facilitate collaboration in the shift to net-zero, and the Future of Technology Series is a tangible example of this in action. With ambitious new private and public sector hydrogen endeavours being announced each day, there is no better time to delve into key considerations and challenges surrounding the growing hydrogen economy; this upcoming webinar series will ensure these vital and thought-provoking conversations are accessible to all.

The Future of Technology Series aims to illuminate the challenges and opportunities facing the global automotive industry. Each event brings together key industry figures and leading academics to discuss, debate and challenge the way we think about a wide range of transport innovations.