Cool and clean – have you seen the Dearman engine?

The Advanced Propulsion Centre provides collaborative resources which enable companies to develop and produce low carbon propulsion technology in the UK. The Technology Developer Accelerator Programme (TDAP) supports technology developers in the early stages of innovation and Dearman is one of 10 companies selected in the first round of support by the APC.

The London based SME was set up only three years ago and uses liquid air in its technology to reduce emissions. The APC TDAP programme is helping with the development of its Dearman engine which is a piston engine driven by the expansion of liquid nitrogen or liquid air, to produce clean cold power. Dearman is developing the technology to reduce emissions caused by traditional fuel sources and aims to address the issue of air quality.

The project has the potential to create jobs in the UK providing significant benefits for the UK economy as well as environmental benefits. Click below to see the Dearman team explain their technology, and how the APC TDAP is helping them.

TDAP, the Technology Development Acceleration Programme, created by the APC is now helping technology developers access new market opportunities and drive growth. It is aimed at small and medium sized technology developers and provides the support that enables them to be commercially viable more rapidly. The programme helps the technology developers identify routes to market and speed up development cycles.