Come visit the National Propulsion Showcase

The National Propulsion Showcase has been booming of late hosting a range of visitors from Students to Inward Investment Tours and everything in between. Over the past few weeks the showcase welcomed Gareth Davies, Director General for Innovation and Knowledge, hofer powertrainToyota, and the guests of the WMG Global Supply Chain Development Debate. The National Propulsion Showcase tours range from visits to understand the APC a bit better, learning what resources are available through the APC, to engage with students and inspiring them in the future of the automotive industry, as well as many more topics.

The Director General for Innovation and Knowledge, Gareth Davies, visited the National Propulsion Showcase to gain a bit more understanding of the Advanced Propulsion Centre. Gareth met some of the APC’s current projects to find out first hand how the APC is helping them. The GKN Gyrodrive project and Sunamp TDAP project were both explained to Gareth showing how both forms of APC funding and support are helping two very different companies. See below to see Sunamp explaining their Heat Battery technology.

Mr Hofer, hofer Power Train, also came to visit the National Propulsion Showcase whilst on his visit to the UK. The tour were shown around the APC showcase to understand more about the APC, and were also told how they can use the space themselves. Mr Hofer met Ian Constance and discussed ideas and the hofer APC project which was announced in APC 3, see below for a picture.

Mr Hofer, CEO, hofer Powertrain and Ian Constance, CEO, APC UK in the National Propulsion Showcase.

Mr Hofer, CEO, hofer Powertrain, along with Wolfgang Stephan, Chief Technology Officer, hofer Powertrain, and Martin Maier, Managing Director, hofer Powertrain, stopped by the APC National Propulsion Showcase and met the new APC CEO Ian Constance. hofer Powertrain UK received £16.4 Million from the APC 3 Grant Funding Competition to help develop a high efficiency transmission and electric drive. Keep an eye out on the APC website for updates on their project in the future as it progresses Tatsuo Yamaki, Executive Coordinator, Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, exploring the National Propulsion Showcase timeline with Ian Constance, CEO, APC UK.

The National Propulsion Showcase is a key part of the APC’s mission and is being developed to provide stakeholders in low carbon propulsion systems with an accessible facility to tell their story and present the opportunities available. It hosts resources such as the roadmaps developed through the Automotive Council and case studies of the investments being made in projects and programmes funded by the APC.

The APC National Propulsion Showcase welcomes guests from all backgrounds from students to chief executives of OEMs. To find out how you can arrange a visit to the APC to find out what resources are available for you, email [email protected].