CMCL innovations send waves through the world of simulation

CMCL Innovations, a partner in the APC-funded ASCENT project, have been making waves in the world of simulation. Dr Julian Dizy presented their exciting developments in simulation technology, an output of their collaborative R&D project, at the SAE Congress, in Detroit.

The work demonstrates a significant improvement in CMCL’s proprietary SRM Engine Suite software which can aid in the robust and cost-effective development of state-of-the-art internal combustion engines.

Work performed through this project involved Perkins Engines Company Limited (a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar Inc) applying the software over the entire engine load-speed operation map for their modern off-highway diesel engine, that validated the capability of the model for predicting combustion characteristics and engine-out NOx emissions consistently.

The APC 3 ASCENT project is a collaboration between Perkins Engines Company LimitedCMCL InnovationsLoughborough University and Imperial College London which will develop innovative technologies for UK built off-highway diesel engines.